Gamify Assessment with Bloxels

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Today's Objectives & Success Criteria:

I can...

* choose an assessment

* design a game with at least 3 boards to demonstrate knowledge

* successfully play my finished Bloxels video game

* play someone else's Bloxels video game

What are Bloxels?

You don’t need to understand fancy code and own super expensive computer programs to make video games anymore. All it takes is your Bloxels Gameboard, some blocks and a mobile device and, of course, your imagination to take the guesswork out of building your own video games!


Today's Activities:

Please choose an activity to show what you know.

Please Share Your Thoughts

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For Your Reading Pleasure...

The research articles below are focused on Gamification and its benefit in the classroom.

Stephanie Smith, M.Ed., Instructional Technology Coach

Stephanie is an Instructional Technology Coach with a Master's Degree in Integrating Technology into the Classroom. With 12 years of classroom teaching experience, and 2 years as an ITC, she focused on using technology and gamification to enhance deeper thinking. She has presented at local, state, and national conferences.