Vilma Lizette Garcia

A Proud Hispanic

A bit about me

Hello/ Hola

My name is Vilma Lizette Garcia, I’m currently a junior here at PSU. Currently my major is Child Family Studies and trying to get my minors in Psychology. I’m also married and have two wonderful sons who are both under the age of five. I work part time as a Prekindergarten teacher in a private child care, I have been there for over six years. The reason I have decide to take this course is to get a better depth on how diversity works and I hope it also helps me with the diversity of families I will be working in my future. My strengths is that I’m a bilingual speaking person, and that I work with patience and understanding but that can also be my weakness. What I plan to learn from this class is how to communicate properly with the diversity of family, which I may encounter in my future.

Personal Poem


I am proud colored women

I wonder if my voice is heard,

I pretend that others listen to me.

I feel weak, and torn down,

I worry about my children's future.

I am proud colored women

I understand that I can't change people perspective of me.

I say I can do anything I set my mind to,

I dream that my voice is heard,

I try to change how i'm being viewed as.

I hope that I could be heard once.

I am a proud colored women.

Question for everyone

How would describe diversity?

Do you consider yourself as being diverse?

Do you consider diversity as a value and if so why?