The Floor is Now Open For Questions

A How to on Assembling a Event Press Conference

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From the Chairs to the Final Question, Everything you need to know.

Having members of your brand speaking with the media will be a key part of your brands success. It is essential to make sure that these opportunities to present your self and your brand are done in the most professional way possible. You don't want reporters leaving your press conference talking about the bad drapes or how disorganized it was. You want them talking about the words in the answers that members of your brand have given them from their presented questions.

So join us at, for a quick guide on press conference success, so that you can ensure that you will always be seen in the brightest light possible. You will be given the tools and essentials that will make any press conference look like an NBA Finals Press-conference.

Event Press Conference 101

Friday, June 19th, 7:30pm

This is an online event.

With coverage of over 300 events in the past two years ranging from the BCS National Championship and the College Football Playoffs to Arena Football, MLS, NFL, USLPro and the Women's Final Four, Adrian Beecher sort's the good's and bad's of all his experiences and brings you the top flight way to present your brand in a press conference setting.

Below are a list of the areas that will be covered.

  • Location
  • Setup
  • Moderation
  • Timing
  • Closing

Moderator- Adrian Beecher

With 6 years in the communications field, both in the US Army and in the civilian media, Adrian brings his knowledge to you with tools to be successful in the PR industry.