World Geography Final Exam Review

Study Guide By: Collin Alves

Physical Geography affecting economics

Japan: Island, good fishing, access to trade

Colombia: fertile land good for farming

Saudi Arabia: oil


Combine with original already there and make new customs

Greatest impact on Mexico

Spanish Conquistadors gave language and religion (roman catholic)

Colombian Exchange/Columbus voyage to America

-New foods, materials were brought over

-Improvement in technology like compasses also sea travel with better boats etc.

Migration shift in America 1800's



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UN created?

World peace + no wars

Establish international cooperation

Offer Humanitarian Aid

Major change in Russia 1989 (Lativa, Poland, Ukraine)

Breaking of Soviet ties

¡Diffusion of Democratic ideas!

Population shift in Europe (EU formed)

People started to migrate to west Europe for employment, and more industrial countries.

They moved because with the EU poeple and move freely amongest other countries with border check etc. (as long as the countries are in the EU)

Cold War continues to affect the political landscape of Europe.

Since the countries used to be satilite nation-smaller countries controlled by another country- it is hard to break away.

Economically Politically Culturaly still alligned with Russia

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North Africa v.s. South Africa

North- different culturally and in the advancement of medical care

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SAHARA DESERT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

seperates and cuts in half

South- different as well have a lack of education and medical EX) Aids!!!!

Negative CULTURAL effects of European Colonization in Africa

Made cultural divisions- led to wars and lots of political unrest and many dictators