A New Earth

Kepler 452b-Naboo

Size of Kepler 452b

  • Radius is 10,500 kilometers
  • Diameter is 21,000 kilometers
  • Kepler 452b is 157715712 kilometers away from its sun
  • Kepler 452b is 1,400 c years from Earth

Comparison to Earth

  • Kepler 452b is 60% larger than Earth
  • The length of a year on this planet is 385 days ( 5% longer than an Earth year)
  • On Earth I am 14, but on Kepler 452b, I am 13.27 years old

Kepler 452b has a nickname of Naboo

Will We All Move to Kepler 452b in 2210?

Facts About Naboo

  • This planet is 1.5 billion years older than its sun
  • Naboo is 6 billion years old
  • The gravity is different than Earth's
  • 50%-60% of the land on Kepler 452b is very rocky
  • Naboo was just found within the last few years and it's the closest planet to Earth