The Face on the Milk Carton

Ashley Fidler, Courtney Anderson, Angela V.



A. This story is located in an average high school and neighborhood. It is like any other town and neighborhood. There is a strict but loving mother and father, and plenty of friends.

B. "On the stairs between the cellar and the kitchen. Down in the cellar next to the gleaming-white washer and dryer, her folded jeans were stacked. Up in the kitchen lay a pile of mail, an overflowing brown paper bag marked for the Salvation Army, and the breakfast dishes." -Cooney pg25


D. I said this because in the song, some of the lyrics are:

"In the suburbs, I,

I learned to drive,
And you told me we'd never survive,
Grab your mother's keys we're leaving," This describes and average situation, people learn how to live and drive for example in an average neighborhood and home. Also in the book it talks about her about to get her drives license and how she wants to practice driving. As well as that, the mood of the song is not sad or creepy, it is just happy and bouncy.

Section #2 SETTING:

A. It is in a little older times (around the 1980's or 90's) because currently, our milk cartons today don't show kidnapped people on the backs of milk cartons, that is an old thing.

B. "Everybody turned the milk cartons over to see who had been kidnapped. The local dairy put pictures of stolen children on the back of the carton. Every few weeks there was a new child." -Cooney pg.6

C. (you don't need to listen to all of it)

D. We chose this music because these songs were made in the 50s, and that is when our story takes place. As well as this, in the video they where clad in old dresses, and their hair was fixed differently (in and older fashion.)


Section #3

A. We feel that the book is very suspenseful, sort of creepy and fitful, we think the author chose this mood so people would be more into the book and not want to stop reading it.

B. "She's always been afraid. For what reason?" -Cooney pg. 31


D. We picked this song because its creepy and suspenseful and you don't really know what is going to happen and it keeps you wanting to know more in the book.


Section #4

A. The main conflict is if Janie is kidnapped or not, and if she is. How she is going to extricate her from her "parents."

B. "That is me on there. I, Jaine Johnson; I was kidnapped." -Cooney pg.14


D. We chose this song because it is creepy and it says

"Lil' Red Riding Hood,

You sure are looking good,

You're everything a bid bad wolf could want." This says that the "big bad wolf" is avid to get her, which is like being kidnapped, and it relates to this book so far because Jaine thinks she was kidnapped.