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1st Nine Weeks Newsletter, Anda Juban, G/T Coordinator

Quick Note from Mrs. Juban:


Words cannot express how much I enjoy my job! While this position involves many responsibilities, my GT pull out classes are by far the best part. Several of the activities we do are designed to enhance creative and critical thinking skills. According to a research article written by Kathleen Cotton, "Instruction in thinking skills promotes intellectual growth and fosters academic achievement gains." It is my goal to help your child grow in both of these aspects.

Many times I am asked by parents, "What should I be doing with my child at home?"

Well, to help their creativity, provide various scenarios where there is no right or wrong answer. Allow them to brainstorm many possibilities. Sometimes uncertainty can be a positive, healthy emotion. When fostering creativity, producing a quick, correct response is not necessary . Critical thinking skills can be practiced many different ways, to name a few... ask your child to consider alternative solutions, recognize relationships and patterns, be a keen observer, be inquisitive, and engage in complex and challenging tasks.

Throughout the year I will share specific activities you can do at home with your children. For this issue, I want to share a website full of online activities created by technology specialists, Toni Erickson and Shannon Page: Internet for Kids

Happy learning,

Mrs. Juban

East and North Campuses

1st-3rd graders have been challenging their brains with deductive thinking. Now that we have the process down, we will continue to tire our minds with Perplexers throughout the year. Most of our GT time together has been spent on preparing for the IMAGINATION FAIR. I am so proud of our students (and parents) for all the hard work involved in this event. It was a great day!!

Parent involvement is essential to everything we do! Imagination Fair would not have been possible without the help of our volunteers; a special thanks to Nancy Hale for assembling all 21 Imagination Fair kits:)))

Intermediate Campus

After learning about personification, the fourth graders began working on STEM projects. The best part of my job......watching your children collaborate, plan, experiment, and stretch their thinking!!

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Throughout the year, all GT students will participate in STEM challenges.

First Nine Weeks Top STEM Challengers

Fourth grade: Alex, Zane, Jasmine H., Nadia, Elias, Cash, Kameron, and Evelyn

Fifth Grade: Ethan, Clayton, Taylor, Ella, Aubrey, Breanna, Annabelle, Hunter, Zachary, and Cole

THANK YOU Richard Traweek, Patterson Toyota, and Patterson Chrysler Dodge for your generous donation to the GT program. We were able to purchase 5 Chrome books for student technology!! Parents, please show your appreciation to our local businesses who support our Bobcats.

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Our 5th graders worked hard to prepare for their Collins Academy field trip by researching and learning about Louisiana Black Bears, Louisiana Pine Snakes, and the Caddo Nation. If your student created a electronic web or google slides presentation, ask them to share it with you from their DRIVE!

Check out a video of the 5th grade Wild Daze field trip, Jefferson, TX.

WILD Daze 2015

A huge THANK YOU goes to Karen Southard and Amy Traweek for helping chaperone student groups at Wild Daze:)

If you did not receive or lost my introductory letter, please email a request and I will send another copy. We are always in need of household items for our STEM challenges; I greatly appreciate all the families who have been sending ...THANK YOU!

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you see my child and what will you be doing this year?

I currently serve 148 GT students 1st - 5th grade through a pull out program. My classes meet once a week for 45 minutes. My goal is to make your students stretch their minds through creative and critical thinking activities. While some grades will work on Texas Performance Standards Projects, all students will participate in STEM challenges and logic activities.

Why do you need all of those supplies?

Most of the requested household recyclable items were needed for the Imagination Fair 1st-3rd grade, but our STEM projects also require lots of supplies. All students use the items to build, create, and problem solve. So thank you for saving and sending!!