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Continuity of Learning Plan for All Students in the Novi Community School District:

Dear ELL Families,

We would like to share with you information about the upcoming plan to provide new learning to students in the Novi Community School District and the way our English Language Development teachers will be supporting English Learners.

All this information can also be found on the Novi Community School District website.

A Letter to Parents from Assistant Superintendent Dr. Webber

Under the guidelines set forth in Executive Order 2020-35, the Novi Community School District will build upon its existing framework of providing students weekly Opportunities for Learning. This phase two will move into the area of new instruction, with teachers focusing on the most important areas left to be covered this school year. These Opportunities for Learning will be ungraded, students will be provided with formative feedback on work submitted. The goal for this new phase is to provide instruction on the most important subjects yet to be covered and mitigate as much knowledge loss as possible.

Please click this link to see Dr. Webber's letter to parents explaining the change to our provide new learning to students.

Screenshot of the NCSD webpage showing parents to click on Approved Continuity of Learning Plan to see Dr. Webber's letter

English Language Development Program - Online Learning

  • The English Language Development (ELD) team will continue to provide instructional support to students who receive direct support.

  • EL teachers will follow the District teacher expectations.

  • The English Language Development team is working collaboratively to create lessons for multiple grade levels and proficiency levels.

ELL/ESL: Kindergatren to 4th Grade

K-4 English Language teachers will post lessons following the format below in order to provide additional support to English Learners:

  • Monday: Writing lesson

  • Tuesday: Posting and presenting work

  • Wednesday: Writing lesson

  • Thursday: Posting and presenting work

  • Friday: Independent reading on Raz-Kids and/or finishing activities

English Language are expected to work for 30 minutes a day on EL/ESL activities. English Language Development teachers will focus on informational writing in the activities provided to ELs.

The K-4 team will continue to hone our approach to monitoring ELs through the next 8 weeks.

Our Teachers:

Deerfield: Kelsey Gaylord

Novi Woods: Megan Haapala

Orchard Hills: Jessica Gunes

Parkview: Julie Farmer and Susan (Sue) Vanlinthout

Village Oaks: Robert Beltz and Lori Lecher

Sample K-4 Continuity of Learning Plan Weekly Schedule

ELL/ESL: 5th-6th Grade

Kristy Hubenschmidt will continue to follow the ELA plans provided by Meadows teachers and use those plans to support the English Learners she is teaching in her ELA for ELs class.

Samantha Huebler and Cynthia (Cindy) Stiff will collaborate with the English Language Development team to support the students receiving English Language Development intervention.

ELL/ESL: 7th-12th Grade

The 7-12 English Language Development team (Shannon Hadley, Samantha Huebler, and Andrea Kohls) will collaborate to create new learning for English Learners focusing on Informational writing. They will provide ELs with different texts and create modeling videos to support the various proficiency levels of their students.

The 7th-12th English Language Development teachers have created a Schoology roster to reach out to all ELs who are currently in the English Language Development program but may not be receiving direct support in order to ensure they have access to instructional support as needed .

Sample 7-12 Continuity of Learning Plan Weekly Schedule

K-6 ELD Intervention Support

The English Language Development intervention team is working to determine how to provide additional support to ELs previously identified to receive English Language Development intervention.

Supporting ELs with Disabilities

ELD teachers will continue to participate in IEPs. English Language Development teachers will support the individual contingency learning plans together with the Special Education team.

Exiting EL Students from the English Language Development Program

The WIDA ACCESS test that ELs took this February-March will be scored for students in grades 4-12 who completed the assessment, and the NCSD expects to receive proficiency scores sometime in the fall. For ELs in K-3, Michigan Department of Education is allowing NCSD to ship paper booklets at a later date for scoring, and will share proficiency scores as they come in.

The exit criteria has been updated and more information will be shared out during the summer months to families and staff.

Parent Communication

The English Language Development team is working with George Sipple, the NCSD Marketing/Public Relations Specialist, and the tech team to provide translated information to ELD parents across the district.

Currently, the English Language Development team is also working on developing a parent-survey to assess how best to support our parents during this time.

Resources in Languages Other than English about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

  • Click here to read information and materials about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( translated into other languages
  • Click here to read information provided by the state of Michigan about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) .

I Still Have Questions

If you have any questions, please contact your child's English Language Development (EL/ESL) teacher or Mrs. Adva Ringle, the Supervisor of the English Language Program for the Novi Community School District. We are happy to hear from you and assist you in any way we can.
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