Camp Summerland!

Every Person Is The Same, Come And Support!

Mission Statement

My mission for the disease known as Sickle Cell Anemia is that I am trying to make more people aware of this disease. Most people have heared about it, but they don't truely understand what all is involved. My camp will allow these kids to enjoy life to the fullest. My goal is to keep the students involved in physical and social ways. They are not different from any other person.

Time For All The Fun!

Camp Description

This camp will let kids with this disease have more time to enjoy theirselves. They usually can't do much because they always have to have treatments and medical care. We will be working with the in physical and social ways. We will have different events for each day. Our activites will include swimming, basketball, running activities, hikes, and different social clubs througout the day. We will have camp hours from 8a.m. until 5p.m. This is including the lunch that we will have at 1p.m. They will be allowed two snacks one at 10a.m. and another at 3p.m. Children will be able to pick their own cabin mates. Boys and girls will not be able to be cabin mates. At the end of week we will have a celebration party.

The daily schedule will be different everyday, but we will inform the children about the activities they will be doing throughout the day.

Any Information About The Camp Contact...

Please feel free to contact us we will be sure to assist you immediatly.

The camp hours are from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

The ages for the campers are ages from 10-15.

The camp will attend from June 1-7, the camp will last exactly one week.

Your child will need to pack everything necessary for camp, they will also need to include comfeterable clothes.

Any medicine that will be necessary will have to be prescripted by a doctor, it will be handled by a nurse , you will need to include the dosage for the prescription.

The camp will have the cost of $250, 50% of this money will be donated to the CCBF, ( Children's Cancer & Blood Foundation)

The camp is located North West Billy Ranch, it is on the outskirts of Dallas,TX.

For more information on the directions or any information about the camp please feel free to call @ (989)-541-1000

Hope your childen get ot come out and support Sickle Cell Anemia!