Endangered Species (Pandas)

By Pandora

Why are they on the endangered species

Humans are the main reason for the panda being on the endangered species list, because the population in china is still growing so to make more room for them the destroyer bamboo forest.

Bamboo does not bloom at the same time as other bamboo which can leave the pandas to starve for a while. Then there is also Poachers, poaching is legal hunting.

Why we should help save the Panda

Pandas play a big role in helping china's bamboo forest they spreed seeds and helping the vegetation grow. And we will be saving the wealth of the forest animals that live in the forest.
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What you can do to help

While the panda's future remains precarious, its numbers are slowly increasing in the wild.

There are now more panda reserves than ever before, and more projects to help people live with them.

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