The Art Institute of Portland

"Creativity for Life"

Basic Info

The Art Institute I plan on attending is located in Portland, Oregon.
The school is know for its art programs that prepare students for the business world and structuring workflow for more efficient employees.
In Fall 2013, there were 1,348 students that attended the institute.
There is a 14:1 student to faculty ratio, which allows a more hands-on education.

Location Information

Fun things to do in Portland
  • Portland Oregon Temple Visitors' Center
  • Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
  • Oneonta Gorge

  • Forest Park
  • Portland Art Museum


  • Spring High-64°F Low-46°F
  • Summer High-81°F Low 57°F
  • Winter High 45°F Low 35°F
  • Fall High 59°F Low 39°F


  • Urban
  • Forests, Mountains and Lakes surround the city
  • Pacific Ocean

Paying for College

I plan to pay for my tuition by getting a job and saving money,

getting scholarships available from the institute and local competitions, and getting some financial aid from my parents, and applying for a grant.

Scholarships I can apply for:

  • The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards
  • Local Art Competitions

Achieving Post High School Goals

I plan to bring my GPA up and maintained to a 3.5, get more involved with the art community, and start freelancing more for companies.

Classes I can take to achieve my goals

  • Exploratory Art
  • Digital Photography
  • Drafting
  • Marketing Principles
  • Drawing

Available Volunteer Work

Graphic Designer and Media Assistant Director at (Name) Methodist Church
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