Richmond Enquirer

The Emancipation Proclamation

The "New" Ideas Of Lincoln

What is this new “Emancipation Proclamation? Will it really help our people? What is Lincoln thinking? The Emancipation Proclamation says that it will free slaves in rebel states, allow for freed slaves to join the Union Army, and endure Symbol of Equality. What will this do for our people? This will free the slaves all over our country. We will no longer have these people working for us. Millions of people will go from “slave” to “free.”

The people of the North may love this idea, but they do not have slaves like we do. They have very few of them. The people of the North will be celebrating while we must sit here and watch our workers get taken away. The slaves of the Confederate states do better in our hands. They can not live without us and we cannot live without them. Therefore, it would be a better idea to just leave things as they are.

Slavery should not be taken away. Slavery does not need to come to an end. When slavery must come to an end, it should end on its own. We must just leave it be and worry about other issues. Lincoln thinks this will be helping many people, but overall, this will ruin us.