Alisha Ricks

Who Am I?

My Bio:

This is a little bit about myself, I am going to tell you a few things and to start I know ASL (American Sign Language). I had decided that ASL was, and still is, an extremely cool and an efficient way to communicate with everyone. I taught myself ASL and know a few deaf people. American Sign Language can be a challenging language because it is a regional language and there are different types of sign. For example there are many different forms of ASL, like BSL (British Sign Language), JSL (Japanese Sign Language), ect. I enjoy photography and taking pictures of reflections specifically. I am from Utah. I am also into writing fictional stories in my spare time. Some of my hobbies include; writing, acting, film making, and Photography.

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This website can be useful for growing businesses, raising awareness for different causes. This is also a site that could possibly be good to do a resumes to show your future employers.

Silence of the Rams

Silence of the Rams