Foundation 1 News

Friday 17th January

Week 2

Spider and Egg Week!

  • This week we welcomed Aqila and Divine to the Ruby Class.
  • We enjoyed looking at the nursery rhymes Incy Wincy Spider and Humpty Dumpty.
  • Our classrooms are now decorated with scary spiders and webs!
  • The children experienced cooking eggs in different ways and learnt how to record their thoughts (on taste).
  • Everyone made a Humpty Dumpty to sit on the wall using cutting and folding skills.
  • We learnt all about circles by using mathematical language 'curved side', 'flat shape' and by finding circles in our school.
  • The children have excelled at putting on their coats without help and are working towards doing up their own zips. Well Done!

Next Week

  • Basing our learning around 'the Grand Old Duke of York' and 'Jack and Jill' nursery rhymes.
  • Thinking about moving - jumping and running.
  • Focussing on counting and corresponding numerals.
  • The Number Fairies will be bringing the number 9 (or 2).
  • Carrying water just like Jack and Jill.
  • Making a drum from junk modelling materials.

You can help us by.......

  • Contacting either Elizabeth or Christel, our class mums, if you have any questions.
  • Welcoming new parents.
  • Making sure your child has enough spare clothes , weather appropriate and their cushions for this term.
  • Ensuring your child can undo his/her button in order to go to the toilet more easily.