The best country ever!

About "Colombia"

Colombia,a wonderful country.It has beaches,mountains,and other great physical has great places to go to like the gold museum in bogota and bolivar square in bogota.There are many other places to go to in Colombia.Colombia can be dangerous.There is lots of crime and drug trade.Kidnapping was a huge problem,but it has gone down since then.Even though it's not as bad,it is still a problem.

Major cities

Capital:Bogota is the largest city in Colombia and one of the largest capitals in Latin america.The approximate population is over 7 million.It has many tourist attractions like the gold museum,bolivar square,monserrate,and many more.

Medellin:Medellin is the second largest city in Colombia,behind the capital,bogota.The city is known as the most innovative city in the world because of its politics,education,and social development.The approximate population is 2.2 million

Cali:Cali is the third largest city,behind Medellin, in Colombia.It is known as the capital of the salsa dance.The approximate population is 2.1 million.

Colombian history

Colombia was controlled by the Portuguese until 1810,when Colombia was declared independent after years of war.Their official day of independence is July 20.It hasn't been controlled by another country since.


99% of people in Colombia speak Spanish,but their are bits of other languages.
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Coordinates of Colombia:4.5833 N , 74.0667 W

Physical features:The highest mountain in Colombia is pico cristobal.It is 18,950 ft tall.

The Amazon river basin is 2.67 million sq miles.

The choco rain forest is 51,000 sq miles

Political and diplomacy information

Government type:constitutional republic.a constitutional republic is when the head of state and government officials represent the people of the country

Leader:president Juan Manuel santos

The country of Colombia

Fun facts!

1.Colombia is the only country in South America with a coastline on the pacific and Caribbean.

2. Colombia has lots of exotic fruits,especially on the Caribbean coastline.

3.Colombia was named after Christopher Columbus.