Vincent Biba

Bib's autobiography

About Me

I am funny and nice.

I wonder what I will be when I grow up

I hear people talking to me

I see an empty basketball court

I want a hoverboard

I am funny and nice

I pretend to eat when I am hungry

I feel an angel's wings

I touch my future self

I worry that I will have no friends

I cry when someone dies

I am funny and nice

I understand that everybody will die

I say that God is real

I dream that my life will be great

I try to do my best

I hope my life will be awesome

I am funny and nice

6 Word Memoir

I like basketball a lot too.

Fun Facts 4X4

These people are favorite

Fetty Wap is one.

Kevin Gates is two.

Anthony Davis is best.

A story that touches my heart

A story that touches my heart is that dogs were found in an abandoned home. There was a mama dog and 3 or 4 babies. It was on animal planet. Me and my dad were watching the show called Pit Bulls and Paroles. It is just terrible how people treat dogs.
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Summary 4X4

Billy gets two dogs

He loves the dogs

He takes them hunting

The dogs are special.

My favorite song

My favorite song is a song by Twenty One Pilots called She's A Tear In My Heart because it it is a really good song.