Fat Soluble Vitamin

By: Faith Mingus

What is it? Where do you find it?

Vitamins are absorbed by your fat and carried throughout your body by your fatty tissue. It has vitamin A, D, E, and K. The vitamins that are found in the

Soluble Vitamin can be found in dairy products, Foods in high Beta Carotene, Higher-fat fish, vegetable oils, and green leafy vegetables.

What happens if you don't have Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Vitamin A is important for vision, immune system, lungs, kidneys and other organs. Vitamin D helps with the bones and to fight away infections and bad bateria. Vitamin E also helps with fighting infections and bad baterias and to help to body do functions properly. Vitamin K can help with lots of things so without it you could get things like, liver failure, and blood clots.

Extra Info

Fat-Soluble Vitamins can not be lost when the foods are cooked. If there is more than the amount of vitamins you need then your body will store the vitamins in your fatty tissue.