Wild and tame

Interesting Facts

There are lots of interesting facts about rabbits. One is that they live 8-10 years if token care of correctly. When having a pet rabbit, get two that are females from the same litter, beacause they will get along best. If you pick up a rabbit by the ears it will get seriosly injured. Rabbits hop and leap but do not walk. In North America the most common is the cottened-tailed rabbit. Those are some facts.


Rabbits need lots of food. They need enough Grasshay. They also need two cups of vegetables everday. Some good vegetables are broccoli, celery leaves, lettuce, baby greens and othe vegetables. Those are some food they eat.

Comunicating With us and Body

These are some ways they comunicate with us and the body. If it is sitting and relaxed it is happy. When it is nervous it makes chirping noises. If it thumps a leg it it also nervous. If it is curious it stands on its hind legs. It has long back legs and long teeth. The rabbit has claws and a tail called a scuf. A rabbit has long ears and big eyes. It will always have a dry nose.

Baby's and Eniemes

Baby rabbits are really cool. They are blind, deaf, hairless. and completely helpless. They are born in spring and are called kittens. There are many eniemes, for example foxes, humans, and bobcats. Also dogs, cats, big birds, snakes and wolves. Here are some more eniemes coyotes, weasels and sometimes, other males reabbits