Health officials probe

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Health officials probe tie between Zika

Anyone of any age can get Guillain Barre, although it is very rare. It is thought to be triggered by an infection something as simple as food poisoning and happens when the immune system attacks the body own nervous system. GE Ultrasound Probe

Researchers have been wary of Zika since French Polynesia noted a jump Guillain Barre and microcephaly cases in tandem with an outbreak of the dengue like virus, though the populations were far smaller than in the recent outbreaks. 1 to Jan. 6. The full year average for the country is 169 cases. Of 22 patients for whom there was information, at least 12 had experienced a rash fever illness in the 15 days prior.

Brazilian officials are also probing a near simultaneous rise in Guillain Barre and Zika, which was first identified in the country last May. It is believed that Zika may have arrived through a tourist at the 2014 World Cup or an international canoeing event the same year.

Amid a Zika outbreak in the northeastern city of Salvador during last year rainy season, the Couto Maia Hospital saw an unprecedented rise in Guillain Barre.

"Zika was really bad here from February to July and then all but disappeared in August. In May, June and July, we had 24 patients come in with Guillain Barre, and none since August," said Antonio Bandeira, an infectious disease specialist at the hospital. In a normal year, he sees just two or three such cases.