German fact's

By. Jake Buckner


People who sold boat ticket's, or people who already were in America, sent letter's saying that, it rain's candy or the streets are covered in gold, but when they got there, they realized that they've been lied to, but they had to make a decision, to stay or to go back to there lonely life's back in Germany.

Where they settled

The German Americans settled in New York. It was hard because there apartment is the size of your bed room, and they had to share that tiny apartment with 4 other family's.

Why they came

The German Americans came to the United States for a better life better jobs and religious freedom.

When they came

The German Americans started to come over in 1852.

German American traditions

Oktoberfest is a big festival that first clibrated in the state of Germany.
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Additional facts

Carl shizle is like millions of other Germans who immigrated to the United States.

Thousand's of German's that settled in the colonies fought in the Revolutionary war.


German Amirican's book.