7th Grade Science

2015 - 2016


Hello. My name is Miss Wolf. The 2015 – 2016 school year will be my twelfth at Manchester Middle School. My goal is to provide a positive educational experience in a safe and caring environment so you will leave the classroom with an awareness of your potential, respect for others, and a desire to continue to learn. You will take risks. You will make mistakes. You will have fun.


Communication is a vital part of your success in Middle School. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the following ways:

Cheat Sheet for Success:

  • Daily Agenda: Our daily agendas will be posted on Ms Wolf's Classroom Website. Daily assignments will also be exported to your iPad calendar. Checking the agenda will become a regular part of your day as well as a great resource when you are absent.
  • Weekly Class Assignment Chart: The Weekly Class Assignment chart is another resource that displays assignments. It is not as detailed as the agendas, but will always indicate what is considered homework.
  • Syllabi: Located on our website is a syllabus for the year. Each unit of study also has a syllabus, which maps out unit objectives, assignments, and due dates. All syllabi can be found both on our website and in Schoology.
  • Handouts/Resources: Copies of handouts as well as supplementary resources (articles, videos, website links) will be posted in Schoology.
  • Grades: Although I try my best to enter grades regularly, Fridays and Mondays are the best days to check grades. In PowerSchool, please click on your grade to see possible comments. I often try to provide reasoning for how I grade your work. I do not mark points off for “no name,” unless you never claim your work. I do accept late work on some projects for partial credit. All assignments have purpose; I want you to learn.

Enjoy learning!

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