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La Vernia High School Guidance Counseling 8/27/2021


Parents & Seniors,

You made it to Senior year!

Please use this newsletter for reference throughout the year.

Embedded below is a video presentation with helpful information on college admission, important dates, financial aid, senior year planning and guidance.

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Important Update for Class of 2022

In accordance with Texas Education Code (TEC), §28.0256, beginning with students enrolled in 12th grade during the 2021-2022 school year, each student must do one of the following in order to graduate:

  • Complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA);
  • Complete and submit a Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA); or
  • Submit a signed opt-out form. Please turn in completed opt-out forms to the high school counseling office.

-LVHS Counseling Team

Senior Dates Class of 2022

Important Senior dates for the year.


Use our Parent FAFSA Guide for more information on the Financial Aid Application process and resources.

Senior Presentation

Counseling Secretary

The counseling secretary in the Counseling Office Mrs.Javior ( ) processes all transcript requests. Transcripts are free. Please send the request and number of transcripts needed to TBA. All official transcripts must be sent electronically or must be directly mailed by La Vernia High School. Transcripts will be emailed/mailed out on a weekly basis. Please know, transcripts cannot be mailed via overnight services.

Letters Of Recommendation

Most colleges do not require letters or recommendations. They will only look at the first TWO submitted.

  • Students - Be sure you have filled out the “Senior Profile Sheet” available in the Counseling Office. The information sheet provides the best information possible for your counselor and/or teacher to write your letter.
  • When you request a recommendation letter from your counselor and/or teacher, be sure to indicate the purpose and destination of the letter.

Allow at least 2 weeks for recommendation letters to be written.


Senior Checklist

❏Determine the types of college to which you want to apply.

❏Choose at least 5 colleges. Always include at least one “safety” school on your list. A “safety” school is a college at which you know you will meet the requirements for admission.

❏Take SAT and ACT exams during the fall semester. Retake if you want to improve your scores.

❏Research and apply for scholarships.

❏Earn strong grades.

❏Take advantage of opportunities for leadership and responsibility to help round out your college applications.

❏Submit the FAFSA in October.

❏Obtain letters of recommendation.

❏Write your essay(s).

❏Submit college applications and scholarship applications on time.

❏Send your transcripts.


Be sure to check weekly with the counseling office and emails from Mrs.Javior for scholarship information.

Also please visit our Scholarship Student Guide for resources, tips, and valuable scholarship information.

Local Scholarships:

You will need 3 recommendation letters. 1 from a teacher/coach, 1 from an Administrator/Counselor, 1 from outside of the school (Ex: employer, Pastor).

The Local Scholarship Committees accept copies of recommendation letters and do not require them to be made out to a certain person.

Be sure to check with the university you have applied to for scholarship opportunities on their financial aid pages. Be sure to note the deadlines.

College Visits

•You are allowed to be absent 2 days a year for college visitations.

•You must provide the required proof of your visitation to Mrs. Burns the day you return to school.

Things to Ask On Your College Campus Visit

College, Career, & Military Planning

CCMR measures a graduate’s preparedness for college, the workforce or the military. Planning for your future begins with Personal Graduation Plan beginning your Freshman year until graduation. Use this resource for your personal planning.

Big picture
SAT/ACT Student Guide

Use this guide for study tips, resources, and valuable information for preparing for the college entrance exams.

Checking Your AP Score

AP Exams are administered the end of May. The results come in July.

New Legislature passed that colleges must accept a 3 on AP exams for credit. Colleges may award credit based on your AP score.

To check AP scores / College credit awarded:

1. Go to

2. Click “For Students” at top of site;

3. Click on AP in “College Tests”;

4. Click on “AP Credit Policy Info” (on the left);

5. Enter the college name;

6. Click there for the institution’s AP credit and placement policy.

•You will be able to see what score is required on an AP exam to receive credit. You will also be able to see the course for which the credit will substitute.


Senior Sponsors

Lynn Jarzombek

Charlotte Goodwiler

Kristina Javior- Counseling Secretary

Alicia Grant Ge-O Counselor

Briana.Wilde P-Z Counselor