Excretory System

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This is a picture of the Excretory System

Functions of your Excretory System

- The Kidneys help when you are dehydrated

- The Kidneys eliminate waste from your body so your body does not over flow and get sick

- All of your blood eventually passes through one of your two Kidneys

How the Exretory System works with the Endocrine System

- Kidneys must be constantly altered to provide the best internal environment for cells

- If you drink too much water hormones are released that allow more urine production

- If you are dehydrated less urine would be produced

- The Kidneys are tied to the Endocrine System with the adrenal gland position on top of each Kidney

- The adrenals release adrenaline into the body

What can go wrong with the Exretory Sytem?

-If a Kidney does not work or filter properly, your blood pressure can increase to dangerous levels

- Malfunctioning Kidneys often go through processes called Dialysis where you get an artificial Kidney

Fun Fact

-Did you know that the Endocrine System is the major control of the Excretory System?

Excretory System - Human Body Animation Video - by www.makemegenius.com