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Ireland is a wonderful place with a lot of culture, history, and a lot more.


Some major cities are Dublin (The Capital) which has a population of 1,024,027 people, Cork which has 190,384 people, Dun Laoqhaire which has 185,400 people, and Limerick which has 90,054 people. There are other cities that are slightly smaller.

Most people live in Dublin is many reasons, 1. Great place to make money, 2. Entertainment, 3. The views, 4. History, and 5. easy to get to and friendly neighbors. There are about 20-25 more reasons why.

Ways to get to Ireland from anywhere else is by plane or boat.

The central area is lowlands which are filled with bogs, lakes, and rivers that are surrounded by low mountains and hills.

Some major mountain ranges are Blackstairs, Bluestack, Comeragh, Derryvaegh, Macgillycuddy's, Reeks, Nephinbeg, Ox, Silvermines, Slieve Mish, Twelve Pins, and Wicklow. The Highest point in the country is Carruantouhill, it stands 1041 m (3414 ft) and is located in the southwest region.

The west coast has many sea cliffs. The most famous one (some say most beautiful) is Cliff of Moher. The cliffs reach a maximum of 213 m (700 ft).

Ireland Has dozens of coastal islands. the largest one is Achill. Other important ones are the Aran islands and the Valentia island. Some peninulas are Iveragh, Beara, and Dingle.

The longest river in Ireland is River Shannon, it is 386 km (240 mi) and goes into four lakes; lake Allen, Bafin, Derg, and Ree. Other lakes are Conn, Corrib, and Mask. Also some rivers are Barrow, Blackwater, Boyne, Finn, Lee, Liffey, Nore, Slaney, and Suir. River Shannon is in the middle of Ireland.

The climate in Ireland is mild and about that way all year. The average temp is 10*c (50*f). The highest temp is 33.3*c (91.94*f) and the lowest is -19.1*c (-2.38*f). The average weather is usually between 4.44-15.55 *c (40-60*f)


Ireland is a republic. The leader is there leader is Micheal D. Higgins, He came into office November 2011. He was born June 25, 1938. The President does not participate in government. A term is 7 years and that person can renew it once.

The law making part is called the Bill. It is also a limited government. A problem in the Irish government is they are in a big debt with the European Union.The citizens have similar rights as us.

Ireland is part of the United Nations since December 14 1955. Other ways they are connected is through the European Union.

Micheal D. Higgins

President of Ireland
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Ireland's currency is euros. One Euro is $1.11.

Major exports are Nitrogen Heterocyclic Compounds, packaged medicines, scented mixtures, Animal or Human blood, and Computers. Major exports are Refined Petroleum, packaged medicines, Planes, Helicopters, and/or Spacecrafts, Crude Petroleum, and Computers. The top export destination is the USA.

Ireland's GDP per captia is $50,503.42. Compared to the USA they are about the same because the GDP per capita for Ireland is about $3,000 less than the USA.

Social and Ethnic Groups

Some Ethnic groups in Ireland are Irish 84.5%, other white 9.8%, Asian 1.9%, Black 1.4%, mixed and other 0.9%, unspecified 1.6%. There is not enough information to determine whether there is racism, but people say no to the question "Is there racism here?" The travelers fight each other to settle things.

Ireland education system is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and adult levels. The Requirements for education are 6-16 and have a second level education. The parents pay for their child's education.

Women have basic rights, but do not have as many rights as men. Children have the same rights as our children.The literacy rate is 99% for country, male, and female. Overall people in Ireland are very smart based off this information.

Religions, Languages, and Country Flag

The languages are English and Irish. English is the dominant language.

The Religions are Roman Catholic 84.7%, Church of Ireland 2.7%, other Christian 2.7%, Muslim 1.1%, other 1.7%, unspecified 1.5%, none 5.7%. As you can tell Roman Catholic is the dominant religion.

The flag was created March 7, 1848. The Green represents Ireland's tradition, White represents peace with each other, and Orange represents the followers of William Orange in Ireland.

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Traditional Holidays and Festivals, Traditional clothing and food

Data maps and graphs

Based off the charts in the link people in Ireland have learned English and still keep their Irish tongue and are very close together considering how small the island is.