JROB DUGOUT NEWS 10-8 to 10-12


OMG...Soooo many good things happening in JROB's Learning Community

  • “ The level of academic achievement that students attain by eighth grade has a larger impact on their college and career readiness by the time they graduate from high school than anything that happens academically in high school.”

ACT, 2008

I just LOVE, LOVE my school and the AMAZING TEAM of EDUCATORS...High Quality Instructional Indicators are in FULLLLLLL BLOOM......

Mendenhall, Stevens & Walsh - Examining varied text mediums identifying central idea and or authors point of view with evidence(Cognitively Demanding Tasks)

Pentilla & Waider - Lesson Intentions & Quickwrites in PE!!!! ( STANDARDS ALIGNED)

Vega - Clipboard w/ Standards, Whistle for ES PE Time (STANDARDS ALIGNED)

Marengo, S. and Hogan - Wed/Math Workshop - Cyclical Review/teacher (FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT)

Giron - Differentiated Khan Academy and SMG Time (FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT)

Durham - Accelerated Reader (pilot) (Differentiation - Formative Assessment)

Use the LBUSD Understandings Continuum to support your instructional implementation of HQI: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jJL0GJ0Xvdltzqucxdy6rQUFHlCk5_7G/view

SEL:Morning meetings acknowledging students as individuals

SEL...Next Phase with supporting our African-American students

Fall 2016 - Superintendent Steinhauser called for all schools to develop a plan to close the achievement gap for African American students by 50%

Fall 2017 Superintendent Steinhauser called for all schools to develop a plan to eliminate the achievement gap for African American students

Fall 2019 - Superintendent Steinhauser continues the charge to ELIMINATE the "GAP" for our African-American students through the lens of EQUITY AND ACCESS barriers.

JROB will begin a 5 part series with Dr. Deena Brown, who will engage us in the work of cultural understandings to refine practices that ensure our African American dolphins are reaching and maximizing their potential and the barriers to success are eliminated. Staff Meeting Dates: Oct. 24, Nov. 28, Dec. 19, Feb. 20 & April 10

JROB Happenings

Big picture

Collaborative Inquiry Walkthrough Visitation (CIV)..Examining and Reflecting on instructional best practices

Thursday, Nov. 15th 2018 at 8-11am

2750 Pine Avenue

Long Beach, CA

PD Theory of Action - If JROB teachers consistently engage/implement high quality instruction indicators: standards alignment, formative assessment, collaborative conversation and cognitively demanding tasks in daily learning intentions then the learning community will create equity and access increasing grade level student achievement outcomes.