Save your farm

The loss of fertility ,dust bowl,and the drought

Problem: The drought made the Dust Bowl occur.The Dust Bowl ruined farmlands in Oklahoma and some states nearby.Wind blew dry particles of soil into clouds of dust that travled thousands of kiometers.The Dust Bowl also helped the people appreciate the value of soil.With the government support,farmers in the Great Planes and throughout the country began to take care of thier land.Farmers adopted methods of farming that helped save the soil.
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How farmers can save their farmlands

Solution: Contour Plowing helped the farmers slow the runoff of excess rainfall and it prevents it from washing the soil away.The Conservation Plowing helped return soil nutrients,retain moisture, and hold soil in place and the farmers planted different kinds of crop rotation.Farmers can use peanut plants because they can help make soil fertility again.The peanuts plants are legumes that contain nitrogen-fixing bacteria.This bacteria makes nitrogen,an important nutrient,available in a form that plants can use.

By Iris Garcia and Llaeyi Hernandez

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