Hinduism and Buddishm

more about the religious practices in India


In the Ancient Indus Valley there lived the peaceful folk who had the religious custom to worship their gods, although different from the Aryan they blended their religions to create a new religion practiced throughout all of India called Hinduism. Hinduism is different for different people.If you are considered kind you would choose a path of love and devotion. If you are wise you follow a path of mental discipline and teaching.In Hinduism key words are karma, reincarnation, and dharma. Karma is the the cycle of Hinduism's life in which if you do a deed bad or good it is returned to so. Karma is what defines your future and dharma. Dharma is the process in which you have to accept your caste and if you fulfill it in the next life you get to move up in caste. This process is called reincarnation in which after you die you are reborn once you have crossed through all the stages then you are free from karma and wickedness this is called moksha. The picture above shows the God's in Hinduism...this is called polytheism.

Buddhism: What are the Four Noble Truth's

The first noble truth is the truth is the truth of suffering, the second is the truth of the cause of suffering.The third noble truth is the truth of the end of suffering, and lastly is the truth of the path that leads to the end of suffering. These are practiced in Buddhism.

Deeper into the eight fold path...

In the end...

All those vocabulary words in the Hinduism section also have to deal with Buddhism and that gives the hint that Buddhism and Hinduism are very similar, and even though Buddhist are decreasing in India there are still at least 3 million Buddhist and Hinduism is dominating India as well as Christianity.