chocolate - covered ants

stephen manes

this is one of the best books ever


this book is about max's little bother. Adam wasn't always a twerp-until he got that ant colony for his birthday. and decided to be a big authority. so max teased Adam about

eating his pet they have a bet.


Adam's aunt thought it would be funny to buy

Adam an ant farm--and Adam's brother Max

thought it would be funny to tell Adam he'd like

to make chocolate-covered ants out of Adam's new pets...

favorite part

He plopped a couple in his mouth and held the can out here have some. I can't believe it you're eating those ant . they're not bad with milk. they're a lot better than those ones you made .but you're supposed to like ants so much. live ones. you have an aquarium you eat fish adam said with a mouth full. if aunt Fran ask me what I want for my birthday I'm going to tell her an exterminator kit that works on ants and also little brother.