Child Labor

Join and help Child Labor


Minors 14 & 15 Years of Age. 3 Hours (school day.) 8 Hours (non-school day.) 18 Hours (school week). 40 Hours (non-school week). Not during normal school hours. Not before 7 a.m. Not after 7 p.m. (Evening hours extended to 9 p.m. June 1 to Labor Day).


Minors 17 Years of Age & Younger.

Manufacturing & storing explosives; motor vehicle driving & outside helper; coal mining; logging & sawmilling; power-driven woodworking machines; exposure to radioactive substances; power-driven hoisting apparatus; power-driven bakery machines; power-driven paper products machines; manufacturing brick, tile, & kindred products; power-driven circular saws, band saws, & guillotine shears; wreaking; demolition, & shipbreaking operations; roofing operations; excavation operations.


May not: Dispense, serve, sell or take orders for alcoholic beverages. (EXCEPTION: Where alcoholic is sold for consumption OFF the premises). NOTE: Local law may be more restrictive.


Minors 15 Years of Age & Younger.

Machinery; motor vehicles; equipment; food process; fixtures; railroads; unguarded gears; vessels or boats; dangerous gases or acids; communication or public utilities; freezers; meat coolers; loading and unloading trucks; railroads cars; conveyors; etc.; warehouses; scaffolding or construction; mines; coke breaker, coke oven, or quarry.

Manufacturing; mining; public messenger service; construction; work in/about Boilers or Engine Rooms; cooking; (Includes power mowers or cutters - including weed eaters).