Make-Up Artist

Jessica Puzon

What do make-up artist do?

Make-up artist apply makeup and prosthetics to enhance celebrities, performers, and other individuals for special events. They help others attain the look that they desire with various make-up and sometimes new hair styles. Ensure that the make-up looks well applied and natural, and looks good in various lighting. Also, be able to finish in a timely manner.

Personal Characteristics of A Makeup Artist

A makeup artist needs to be artistic and creative, so they can learn and try new things on different clients. You also need to be patient, that way you can be very precise in your work. Being sociable is also very important, that way the individual isn't bored while getting their make-up done.

Working Conditions

Makeup artist normally work indoors and they do work long hours, with early mornings. Traveling around to do make-up is very common in this work. Standing up is a huge part of this job, which can be very tiring.

Training/Education Requirements

-High school diploma

-Post-secondary Certificate

Earnings & Job Outlook

$32.00 hourly

4,000 employees

expected growth- 14%

job openings- 1000

vacations- depends on your appointments..flexibility is very attainable

restriction- restricted more to big cities has lots more opportunities

Education Spotlight

-Regency Beauty Institute

-Aveda Institutes

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