Ventana Vistas

August 21-27th, 2019

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Congrats to 3rd Grader Luna Spigut!

Luna participated in the 12th Annual Tucson Birthday Stamp Design Contest and was one of the winners. In addition to some prizes that she won, her design will be included on the collectible artwork envelopes that commemorate the event!

Attendance Matters--Don't let your child miss out on the monthly attendance party!

It is important for your child to be in the classroom in a seat when the 8am bell rings. We have had many tardies already. The front gate closes at around 7:55 when the first bell rings in order to ensure that students have enough time to get to their classrooms without being marked absent. After the front gate closes, all students need to go thru the office so that we can account for their presence in case they are marked absent by the teacher because they were not in the room when attendance was taken promptly at 8am. Additionally, when your child is late, they are missing out on the morning routines and community building which is an integral part of their learning.

This year VV will host monthly attendance parties for any student who has zero absences and zero tardies for the month. Parents--your children need you to help them be successful at being invited to the party.

Attached below is our calendar for the school year so you can make sure that you do not schedule vacations when we have school.

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Parents, please plan on attending the following curriculum night(s) for your Student(s).

Monday 8/26

Kindergarten - 5 pm til 6 pm

4th Grade - 6.30 pm til 7.30 pm

Tuesday 8/27

1st Grade - 5 pm til 6 pm

3rd Grade - 6.30 pm til 7.30 pm

Wednesday 8/28

2nd Grade - 5 pm til 6 pm

5th Grade - 6.30 pm til 7.30 pm

A Few Friendly Reminders for Arrival and Dismissal

Parent pick

  • The left lane is used before 3pm by families who only have a Kindergarten student to pick up. This helps us get the little ones on their way.
  • There is no need to line up early. The traffic will flow better if no one enters the parking lot prior to 3pm (other than Kindergarten families). The line can not move until after students are dismissed.
  • NEVER get out of your car in the pick up line. We will put your child in the car. Let us know if your child needs help with the car seat buckles and we will do it.
  • Your child's car seat should be behind the passenger seat--not the driver.

The Parking Lot

  • Always use the crosswalk. Help us keep everyone safe. Please do not walk across the parent pick up/drop off line.
  • Please exit the lot as quickly as possible (rather than lingering to visit with friends or use your cell phone) during arrival and dismissal. Other family members greatly appreciate spots opening up for them to park.
  • The staff parking lot area is for busses only during arrival and dismissal. No cars should be parking in the staff lot during these times, unless a handicapped placard is in the window.

Supervision Before School

  • The earliest time to drop off children before school is 7:40am.
  • The MPR has adult supervision for children who are dropped off or who arrive by bus.
  • Children with family supervision may stay in the front of the school until the gates open at 7:52.

FFO Corner

K-3 Parents-Watch the Video Below

Move On When Reading Overview for Parents

Community Board

We have a family that is looking for someone to carpool with them from the Country Club/Fort Lowell area. If you are interested please contact

Governing Board Members

Amy Bhola, President

Amy Krauss, Vice President

Doug Hadley, Board Member

Eileen Jackson, Board Member

Carole Siegler, Board Member

Mary Kamerzell, Superintendent