Temper Foam

By: Kaitlin Rager Christopher Smith Luis Flores

Why did NASA make temper foam?

Nasa made temper foam to improve seat cushioning , and crash protection for inside the shuttle. This product was originally used in space by nasa for airline seats. Although this product was in a space mission, the Apollo 13-17 to help the astronauts feel safe while taking off. Also this product is very useful in space for safety, and protection. As you see in the picture below this seat goes inside of the shuttle closest to the window.
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How Do we use this today?

In todays world we now use temper foam/memory foam for football helmets, wheelchairs sports padding, x-ray table pads, airplane seats, mattresses, and pillows. This product was not really transformed into something else all that changed is the shape or color. If you would want to this product used today, just go to any Mattress store.

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