What We Want From the Rainforest

The Environmentalists

The Amazon Rain Forest for Others

The Amazon rain forest is home to many species of plants and animals, including mahogany and Jaguars. A lot of these creatures and species can't be found anywhere else in the world. There only home, and the only place they live. They need protection, and to be safe from habitat loss. This is where the environmentalists come in. Many people want to cut down these rain forests, and to destroy these habitats. We want to preserve the habitats, and keep them safe from deforestation. Environmentalists think that plants and animals should be watched, studied, and researched. This way, the species that depend on the Amazon can thrive, and people can learn about them.

Now we have to think about the natives. What about them? If the environmentalists get what they want, the native peoples of the Amazon will be able to remain in their home. This way it's not only the environmentalists getting what they want, it's also the native Amazonians. So, this is basically a win win situation. Not to mention that the settlers will still be allowed to live on the cleared land!


Deforestation in the Amazon is a huge issue that needs to be dealt with. One way to do that is to get rid of those loggers. All they do is cut down the trees, and destroy things. They don't replace the trees, and they don't want to preserve any space for the trees to continue thriving. They just want to clear-cut the entire rain forest. That, my friends, doesn't benefit anyone besides the loggers. Then the fact that when you clear cut the forest, the natives have no home, the rubber tappers have no rubber trees, and the coffee runs out. What happens when we have less coffee? I don't like to think. Anyways, these are reasons the forests should be saved.