Schoolnet Training Event!

Take your instruction and data collection to the next level!

Schoolnet Training Event

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2:30-4pm

The Auditorium of West Mecklenburg High School, 7400 Tuckaseegee Road, Charlotte, NC, United States

Everyone will begin in the auditorium at 2:40 p.m. Be sure to get your colored training pass when you enter!

By the end of the Schoolnet Training Event, you will be able to:

  • Access Schoolnet, the instructional component to PowerSchool
  • Utilize Schoolnet to locate, plan for, and teach Common Core aligned lesson plans and curriculum materials
  • Build an electronic lesson plan or curriculum unit with the Online Lesson Planner
  • Conduct data analysis of student work with the use of standards analysis and item analysis reports
  • Build student groups for Response to Instruction and differentiation within the classroom

Why must you attend this training event?

  • Teachers should be prepared to utilize Schoolnet fully for assessments and online lesson planning. Common assessments will be mandatory in 2014-2015. Use of the online lesson planner as a tool for substitute plans may be mandatory as well.
  • Use of the old scanners is diminishing, so you need to jump on the plain paper wagon now! We will save trees and money using plain paper only. We won’t have a choice when the old scanners break and we can’t fix them.
  • Data utilization is not going away, and Schoolnet will make your life easier.

After Auditorium. . . Station Breakouts!

· Station #1: (12 minutes) Create Assessments & Administer Them. . .all Online!

· Station #2: (12 minutes) Finding Life Savers: Online Instructional Materials!

· Station #3: (12 minutes) Plan & Build: Online Lessons & Student Groups!

· Station #4: (12 minutes) Report Time: Using Schoolnet for Data Utilization!

· Station #5: (12 minutes) Let’s Scan: From Plain Paper to the Gradebook!

What to Bring to Training:

  • Your own electronic device! That way, you won't have to log out of Schoolnet when moving from station to station.
  • Objectives/standards for a lesson you are about to teach
  • A quiz/set of questions if you want to input your own questions with alignment
  • Lesson plans(if desired) for assessment alignment

Station Locations!

Labs 116 and 135
Rooms 111, 112, and 136 or 133
(Thanks, teachers, for allowing us to utilize your classroom spaces!)

Your Schoolnet Training Event Facilitators!

From Left to Right, Back Row:
Christine Sheffler (Biology Teacher)
Kristina Dixon (Biology Teacher)
Ms. Leiasierra Forgay (Biology Teacher)
Marquitta Raynor (Testing Coordinator)

From Left to Right, Front Row:
Mindra Wise (Technology Facilitator)
Davina Connelly (Physical Science Teacher)
Derrick Moore (History & AVID Teacher)
Daquita Hester (Math Facilitator)
Darrell Potts (History & Leadership Teacher)

After Training...Provide Feedback, Get Chosen, Win Big!

After training, we will email the link for you to leave feedback for the Schoolnet Training Event facilitators. Ten of you will win new bookbags stuffed with school supplies! You can use the supplies as classroom incentives, donate the items to AVID's Celebration of Futures, or use the stuff yourself! Provide feedback, get chosen, and win big...just for being honest!