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Welcome Back To School Edition - August 2017

What Do I Do at the Doctor's Office?

Now that many of us are starting to use our new High Deductible Health Plan, we may be experiencing some confusion when we go for care. The good news is that most network providers will take our new Insurance Cards (the Blue Cross Card, not the Spending Account Card) and will not ask for payment at the time of the visit. After the provider enters the claim into the Blue Cross system, it will appear in your account activity and you can then pay the claim out of your Health Care Savings Account. Here are some directions on how to do this. If your provider does insist upon payment at the time of service, you can use your Spending Account Card to do so.

What Happens at the Pharmacy?

The pharmacy is a bit different than a doctor's office visit. When you go to pick up your prescription, make sure to show them your new Blue Cross Card (not the Spending Account card.) Then, after they charge you for the prescription you can pay them with your Spending Account card. If you forget your card, no worries, you can submit the claim and pay yourself back. Here is some information on how to do that.

New Blue Cross Achieve Well-being tools bring healthy habits within reach

Your health and well-being goals are unique to you, whether you want to eat healthier, find a way to manage stress better, be a little more active, or just get more sleep. Achieve Well-being from Independence Blue Cross is a motivating and personalized suite of well-being tools that can help you achieve what's important to you in a way that's simple, easy, and fun. Watch the video to learn how you can get started.

Wellness Resources

Our Benefits Broker, the Reschini Group, publishes a monthly newsletter featuring health and wellness tips. The August issue contains some excellent information about heat related illnesses, salt reduction tips, and the benefits of fiber.

Taking a Class?

If you are going to take a course, please make sure to apply for pre-approval before you begin the course. You can access the form here.

Where Should I Check My Leave Balances?

For the most accurate and up-to-date info, please use SAMS to check your absence balance, not the employee portal. Use the employee portal if you need to review your pay stubs. The absence balances in the portal are usually are two weeks behind because of how the systems interact.

Need Assistance?

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For questions regarding personnel or contractual issues, employment and certification, contact Dr. Wendi Lee Kraft at