Nuclear Fusion



Hello my name is Michael Hernandez and welcome to my lab. What we discovered can revolutionize the world. We discovered how to use nuclear fusion as an energy source.

What is Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion was discovered on 1920. It is fusing nuclei together that provides the energy source that powers the stars. Nuclear fusion is different to Nuclear fission. Nuclear fusion is the fusing of the nuclei and Nuclear fission is when the nucleus of an atom splits into smaller parts.

Safety of Nuclear fussion

Nuclear fusion is safe and its not harmful even in the long run. It has no radioactive waste and greenhouse gasses and fusion reactors would take up little space.

Nuclear fusion impact on the economy

Nuclear fusion is going to impact the Earth in a good way. Fusion is the best choice to choose. If we switch to fusion we can move away from non renewable sources. We are trying to extend the time it power and innovate technologies to make fusion electricity at a price that people will pay for.