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Southwood Valley Elementary

October 12, 2013

Order a 2013-2014 Southwood Valley Yearbook Today for $15.00!

Visit www.balfour.com, select your school and follow the ordering instructions. There will be a $1.00 online processing fee. To avoid multiple processing fees you can add each of your children separately to your cart and only have to checkout once.


Fill out a yearbook form located at www.swvpto.com (click on the yearbook tab). Return completed form with payment in envelope or Ziploc bag to student’s teacher.

Please note that online orders ONLY will be accepted after January 12, 2014, and due to limited quantity, the price will increase to $20.

SWV Fall Fundraiser

Greetings! Get out there and fundraise this weekend! Dress your children up and have them say, “Would you like to give some of your money away for field trips for my school?” It is working for us. It will work for you too. Do it for at least one hour! Ask at least one business too! Report back to akv123@aol.com
Monday and tell us how you did!
I will report your progress on facebook - Southwood Valley Parent Teacher Organization. Now, GO!!! Questions? Email akv123@aol.com.

Help Mrs. Hamilton mark something off of her bucket list!

We will duct tape her to the wall if our school collects $3,500 in box tops this school year! Ask your neighbors, friends, relatives, co-workers, and anyone you know to save box tops for you. Each one is worth 10 cents for our school. This Friday’s folder has a list of all products that have box tops on them. See this site for how ridiculous and fun this is: http://www.smosh.com/smosh-pit/photos/20-school-principals-and-clay-aiken-duct-taped-walls


Do you have photos from Southwood Valley activities that are yearbook worthy? Email clear unedited and uncropped photos to yearbook_e657@sendtodropbox.com. Make sure to include the grade/class of those pictured in the subject line or text of the email.

The Shumbera Family

The Shumbera Family are grateful for our continued support and prayers. Baby Lincoln is now at home and recovering. Thank you and continue to pray.

There has also been an account set up - The Lincoln Recovery Fund - If you would like to donate you can go into ANY Prosperity Bank and make a donation to the LINCOLN SHUMBERA RECOVERY FUND.

Office/Work Room Volunteers

PTO is seeking volunteers to help out in work room with copying and laminating. Our goal is to have an volunteer in work room one to two hours each day. Looking for volunteers that are available to help out once a week, bi-weekly or even once a month! If interested please email Kim Montgomery at rkzz1@verizon.net.

Register Online for Volunteers in Public Schools

If you'd like to volunteer at Southwood Valley, help your child's teacher in the classroom, attend a field trip or help during other school functions, you'll need to take a few minutes to register online as a volunteer. Please go to the following link to get signed up: http://web.csisd.org/volunteer.

Target Promotion

Target is doing a promotion again this year where you vote for our school and each vote is $1!!! go to https://givewith.target.com/ Let's get some free cash!

$$$ TRASH to CASH $$$

Our Trash to Cash awards help sponsor the Exercise Your Brain Book Give-A-Ways, and allows the PTO to supplement the CAMP (Computers, Art, Music & PE) teachers with additional supplies. See below for all the programs that South Wood Valley participates in!

Kroger Donation Program

Kroger Donation Program - has changed their program. You will need to go online to: http://www.kroger.com/community/Pages/community_rewards.aspx

From there scroll down to Texas and click on the enroll now button. You will either need to sign into your online account or create one. From there go to the Account Summary tab and then the Community Reward section in lower right portion of the screen. You will need to provide our school number which is 83551.

Also, don’t forget to begin all of your online shopping from the Box Tops Marketplace:


From here you can select from hundreds of merchants that you likely already shop with. On your first visit, you will need to create an account and select Southwood Valley Elementary as your school of choice. After that you simply log in, then go to the link for the retailer you want to use and click on it. It will redirect you to their website and you proceed as usual with your order. The only difference is that a donation will be made to Southwood Valley for your purchase. And, you are still eligible for all online special offers through the retailer.

Target Card Fundraising

Take Charge of Education Program, if you have Target card be sure to link it to SWV, you can link it at any Target.

Don’t forget to save your Box Tops!

Check around your office too, our copy paper has box tops now!

Send your box tops to school with your student in a zip lock type baggie trimmed along the dotted line please. Make sure your child's name, grade and teacher's name is written on a piece of paper inside the bag so they get credit! You can sign up at http://www.boxtops4education.com for product coupons as well as enter current Bonus Box Tops sweepstakes.

SEND BOX TOPS IN NOW...Did you know that we must mail in box tops by November 1 to the company to get our cash? You can help by sending in your box tops within the next week. Whatever you send in now goes toward the next school deadline for the popcorn/Popsicle party

Campbell’s Labels for Education

Campbell’s Labels for Education - http://www.labelsforeducation.com/Default.aspx send in your Campbell’s labels and SWV will earn FREE educational resources.

Tyson Project A+

Tyson Project A+ - http://www.tyson.com/projectaplus/ - send in your Tyson labels, each is worth .24 to SWV.

My Coke Rewards

Go to www.mycokerewards.com and enter your coke codes! Codes are on the bottle caps of coke products and on the pull off portion of the refrigerate packs. If you don’t want to enter them, send to school with your student & we’ll enter them for you.


10.23-31.13 - Red Ribbon Week

11.1.13 - Classroom Champion collection deadline for 2nd six weeks

11.2.13 - Daylight Savings Time Ends - FALL BACK

11.5.13 - PTO meeting at 7:00pm in the SWV library

11.7.13 - Family Game Night

11.8.13 - End of 2nd six weeks

11.13.13 - Early Release Day at 12:45 , picture retakes

11.15.13 - Report Cards go home

11.21.13 - 3rd grade musical 7pm

11.27-11.29.13 - Thanksgiving Holiday

12.3.13 - PTO Christmas Party

12.5.13 - 4th grade musical 7pm

12.13.13 - Classroom Champion collection deadline for 3rd six weeks

12.19.13- Foods of Nutritional Value Day

12.20.13 - Early Release Day at 12:45, end of 3rd six weeks

12.23.13-1.3.14 - Winter Break

1.6.14 - Students first day back

1.7.14 - PTO meeting at 7:00pm in the SWV library

1.10.14 - Report cards go home

1.20.14 - MLK Holiday

1.28.14 - Group/Spring Pictures

2.4.14 - PTO meeting at 7:00pm in the SWV library

2.5.14- Early Release Day 12:45

2.14.14 - Foods of Nutritional Value Day, Classroom Champion collection deadline for 4th six weeks

2.17.14 - Staff Development/ Student Holiday

2.21.14 - End of 4th six weeks

2.25.14 - Super Science Tech Night

2.28.14 - Report cards go home

3.6.14 - 1st & 2nd grade musical 6:30pm

3.10.14 - 3.14.14 - Spring Break

3.21.14 - Spring Carnival

3.26.14 - Early Release 12:45

4.1.14 - 4.2.13 - STAAR Testing-4th grade writing

4.1.14 - PTO meeting at 7:00pm in the SWV library

4.4.14 - Classroom Champion collection deadline for 5th six weeks

4.10.14 - VIPS Luncheon

4.11.14 - End of 5th six weeks

4.17.14 - Early Release 12:45, Report cards go home

4.18.14 - Holiday/ or Weather makeup day

4.22.14 - 4.23.14 - STAAR Testing - 3rd and 4th grade - Math and Reading

4.28.13- City wide food drive

5.1.14 - Kinder musical 6:30pm

5.6.14 - PTO meeting at 7:00pm in the SWV library

5.9.14 - Exercise your brain day

5.12.14 - 5.16.14 - Spring Book Fair

5.16.14 - Classroom Champion collection deadline for 6th six weeks

5.23.14 - Field Day

5.26.14 - Holiday/ or Weather makeup day

5.28.14 - 4th Grade Graduation

5.29.14 - Foods of Nutritional Value Day

5.30.14 - Early Release, Last day of school, Report cards sent home

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Kim Montgomery