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Jayden Granillo; Editor-in-Chief

Meat Money

How much should we consider the workers who pick, process and transport? Well, some people agree we should get it cheaper. Many disagree, Because workers go through a lot to get the product to their store. The workers get a lot of money for the meat but they have to give some to the employees and the people that transport it. Therefore, that's why many disagree.

Future Americans

Dear Future Citizens Of America,

This is a blessing for woman having the right to vote. The NAWSA (National American Woman Suffrage) went through a lot to make this happen. What they did to us was cruel and inhumanly. I couldn't have done it without my best friend Lucy Stone, She and I got as many woman as we could to help us and we did it, we protested everyday all day no matter the weather. They put us in prison, They were treating us cruelly because we were still protesting. While we were in there we went on a starvation strike but they tried to force feed us and we became sick and had constant nose bleeds and vomiting.

We soon later got out and still fought for our rights and finally got our rights. I'm so thankful for woman finally getting equal right. I hope the woman of the future are thankful to.

Sincerely, Alice Paul

Cleveland kicks Queen Liliuokalani from the thrown

President Grover Cleveland rushes for an investigation against Liliuokalani to be restored from her thrown. The people of Hawaii did not like Queen Liliuokalani's ways. Workers stopped working and they had to do something to replace those workers but they ended up using armed force against the Hawaiians. The u.s then apologized and soon later Hawaii became u.s territory.
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You never know what the future has in store

Our future is what we will become later in our life. You can always become something bigger, even better, than what you once were. I believe you can change who you are for the better and have a brighter future for yourself.


Allied Power vs Central Power

The Allied Powers went into war on August 4, 1914 because German troops crossed into neutral Belgium. The war trenches divided no mans land and the Central Power was defeated in an attack and attempt to win war.

Babe Ruth and All those home runs

George Herman Ruth Jr. was born February 6 1895. As he grew older Brother Matthias a monk at St. Mary's noticed George jr. and grew a liking to him. Brother Matthias became a big part in George jr. life, He helped George jr. get better at his baseball skills. The brothers asked Jack Dunn the owner of Baltimore Orioles to watch George jr, George jr got a contract after Jack watched him for less than an hour. George Jr later on became a NY Yankees player. He became so good and millions of people paid to come see him. Babe hit 54 home runs in a season no other player hit more than 19. In 1946 he grew a tumor in his neck, he later then died of cancer on August 16, 1948. 100,000 of people paid there respects to him at his funeral. Babe will always be remembered.

Rudolph Valentino

Rudolph Valentino was born May 6, 1895 he was an Italian-American film actor. Valentino attended military school but was later rejected. He then immigrated to the US in 1913 and moved to Hollywood. He got known as the 'Great Lover' because he played a big role as Julio in The Four Horseman Of The Apocalypse.
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When you think of California you think of Hollywood. Hollywood is a big hit down there, The Hollywood sign is probably one of the most famous things in Hollywood. Back in 1923 the Hollywood sign was built, with letter that were 50 feet tall constructed of 3x9 panels and painted white, This sign wasn't meant to be a big attraction it was just supposed to be an advertisement to get people to think Hollywood was the next big thing. Later, In the 1900s LA moved to Hollywood to get away from all the strict rules and started filming in Hollywood. Soon, everyone went to Hollywood, Actors, Singers anything you could think of, They all wanted to become famous and be a star and they did. Then, the Hollywood walk of fame started. People became so famous that they got a star with their name on it. The Hollywood walk of fame is a big sight to see in Hollywood.


Iowa's cash crop is corn, Every year there is an event that goes on called the sweet corn festival. Its a good time to get out with the family ride some rides, Eat food and even play bingo. You can buy lots of sweet corn that's a big attraction of why people go. Another place is the Amana Colonies, It's an historic building and teaches you about the great things that happened in the 1900s with the Germans and the war in the 1900s.

New Mexico

New Mexico is a beautiful place, The white sands national momentum is gorgeous. White gypsum sand has built up over the years and is over 60 feet tall. Families have a good way to spend there time in Mexico the sand is so soft you can go sledding on it. Have a nice time with the family and go to Mexico.


The Grand Canyon is the biggest part of Arizona. It's 227 miles long and up to 18 miles wide. Many people go on tours of the Grand Canyon and hike up it. The momentum of the Grand Canyon was made in 1908 and has been around every since. Take the family to Arizona but remember its going to be hot so dress appropriately.