History of North Carolina

Justin Iavarone


The history of North Carolina is a fascinating essay to read. The lost colony is about how it got it's name and who started it. Daily life is about the schools kids went to and what they did in life. The twelfth state is about how North Carolina became a state. See what is fascinating to you.

Lost Colony

What??? what happen where. All the colonist are all gone. The lost colony was England's second colony in this New Land. Th lost colony got its name because no one knows what happen to the colonists. The population is 117 people, 91%is women, 17% is men, and finally 9% is children. A few days later after 117 colonist were already there, but Sir Walter Raleigh sent more to the Roanoke Island, the place of the lost colony. Some historians think that the colonists mingled with other tribes. So, do you want to know where the colonist went? it stills remains a mystery.

Daily Life

Let's talk about the daily life in North Carolina. They might prepare roast turkey, beef, ham, goose, and duck. The drank wines across the Atlantic ocean and alcoholic punches. The children of wealthy parents were well educated. The pine trees were important to incoming colonist. North Carolina best academy was Log College. As I'd is, daily life wasn't to hard to colonist in North Carolina.

Twelfth State

Three of North Carolina delicate signed the constitution for the Tar Heel State 1787. In 1789 North Carolina Became the 12th state. The capital of North Carolina was moved to place to place during the Revolutionary war. The capital of North Carolina is Raleigh. The city of Raleigh was name named after Sir Walter Raleigh. As you can see it was hard for North Carolina to become a state.


Was his essay fascinating to read. The lost colony was about the population and who started the lost colony. Daily Life is about the schools the kids went to and what they did after school. The 12th state is about when North Carolina became a state. The history of North Carolina is very educational how it became a state the lost colony and daily life


Educated- having me an education and especially good education

Fascinating- extremely interesting

Lost- unable to be found

Population- Amount of people in one place



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