4th Reading and Writing Planning

Feb. 22-26 and Feb. 29-Mar. 4


Please come with something to share that you have seen on Twitter recently. We will take about 5-10 minutes to discuss a Tweet of interest to you.

Reading TEKS Fig. 19 F

Fig. 19 F connect thematic ideas between and across texts (R)

Paired Passage-Usually a poem and fiction or nonfiction and fiction passage that are compared. Read and answer questions for each genre and be able to compare the theme or commonalities between the two. (Read Works lesson)

Achieve 3000 has paired passages in the Bonus Lessons.

Review testing strategies and focus on areas where data shows the students need improvement for these 2 weeks.

Reading DCA #2 March 2


Continue with Expository writing and grammar based on DCA results. During PLC Friday we will come up with a plan for each class using the results from the DCA.

What are your thoughts on treating Writing like Reading in that we pull students in small groups based on need? This would let the other students who are more independent move on. One thing that I have done is a rotation where there are students with you in small group, students learning from a video or digital lesson and others working on their compositions or other seat work. Come to CPC with thoughts or concerns.

TELPAS Writing calendar

Rees TELPAS Calendar 2016

Review DCA data to determine areas for focus on grammar/edit work.

Write Along Lessons for Expository

Writing lessons for all areas

Social Studies TEKS

(3) History. The student understands the importance of the Texas Revolution, the Republic of Texas, and the annexation of Texas to the United States. The student is expected to:

(D) describe the successes, problems, and organizations of the Republic of Texas such as the establishment of a constitution, economic struggles, relations with American Indians, and the Texas Rangers; and

(E) explain the events that led to the annexation of Texas to the United States, including the impact of the U.S.-Mexican War.

Essential Resources

Lesson Plan: Annexation

Supplemental Resources

Primary Source Adventures: Texas Annexation: United We Stand?

Discovery Ed Streaming:

- United States Expansion