iFRUIT Company have officially release our new iFRUIT 6. As we have said on many commercials, the iFRUIT 6 is to be yet the BEST technology that you've ever used. Even daringly comparing it to the iPhone 6s.

So what is so different about this new product?

-This iFRUIT comes in many colors (as much as you can think of). Some of the colors are tie dye, turquoise, matte black, and more.

-As for the selfie takers, we have OFFICIALLY put in HD camera, where ever you go, day time or even night time. Yours pictures will come out flawless.

- More color effects, when you go to the camera effect section, there will be more then 50 new effects that we have put in. ( changing midnight, changing pearl, glow in the dark, and etc.)

-Next is about the headphones! YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN. However you want it. From being tie dye, to graffiti style, or just even putting your favorite singers on it! Also with the headphones, that you have customized, can be used to plug in another headphone, known as a "double headphone plug", because one is NEVER enough!

-Lastly is the flashlight, its not a normal's LED flashlight with one or multiple colors. Why did we have to make this weirdly decision? It's because we've notice that people love to go pee at night or just party like a cool person at night, by themselves. So we have being amazing and loving have created a new type of lighting. It can from mono (1) lighting/color or tons of lighting/colors. Some of the lighting/colors are rainbow, white, red, purple, turquoise, maroon, and more to come!

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