Aubrey Bahl

By: Ryan Haley

Read About the Amazing Aubrey Bahl

Did you know that Aubrey Bahl was a soccer superstar.......... before she could walk! No one thought this mean she would win state in 2014 for 5th grade soccer! This is only one of Aubrey's stories. She has more, like how she used to wear 15 pairs os sunglasses at a time when she was younger!

Aubrey was born August 18, 2004. Until 2013, she lived in the state she was born in, Iowa. In 2013, Aubrey and her family moved to Mankato, MN. She still has a lot memories from Iowa. She remembers how she use to slide down the big hill in her backyard when it would snow. Whenever there was a tornado siren she would grab her blanket and hide under it until the siren stopped. When she moved to Mankato she brought her kindness, smartness, and sport talent.

Aubrey is well-known for winning state in soccer, being kind and being very good at gymnastics. She loves doing and playing all of these things. And she is very good at all of them. She plans to do all of these things for a while.

Here are some fun facts about Aubrey. She is very kind,smart, funny, awesome, curious, and sporty. She loves watermelon and Panera. She has travelled to Hawaii, Colorado, California, Tennessee, and is going to Canada. Out of all those her favorite place has been Hawaii. She also has two annoying little brothers.

To sum this all up, Aubrey is an amazing person who is so nice and kind. If you haven't met her, you wish you had. She is a smart person, a good friend, and is almost always happy. This has been a story about my good friend Aubrey Bahl.