Student Leadership Challenge News

Tuesday, February 18th through Monday, February 24th, 2014


Greetings Challenge Participants:

The Student Alumni Networking Night is this evening! Don't miss out on a fun experience and a chance to work on your networking skills with other Temple alums.

The Office of Leadership Development is excited to bring you "A Day in the Life of a Diamond Leader." If you don't know what it's like to be a Diamond Leader, or are interested in getting involved yourself, read below for our first Diamond Leader profile!

Diamond Leader Program vs. Student Leadership Challenge

There are four initiatives in the Office of Leadership Development - Student Leadership Challenge, Diamond Leader program, LeaderShape and Academic Connections.

The Student Leadership Challenge is the department's signature program, as over 500 students participate annually in the program. The SLC includes workshops, seminars, speakers, conferences and special events that teach students to live and lead with integrity and meaning. This is the department's largest program, and the one most students are involved in. All participants that reach 50 points, receive a certificate of completion at the annual Student Activities and Leadership Awards Banquet in May.

Our second largest program is the Diamond Leader program. The Diamond Leaders are a group of 40 students committed to learning more about their leadership style and skills. To join the program, you must complete an application and obtain a minimum of 50 points in the SLC certificate as one of its requirements. You are only a member of this program if you have completed the application and been accepted into the program. Applications are due at the end of March. All applicants are notified within the first two weeks of April of their status (accepted or asked to reapply the following year).

Students may earn their way to becoming a Diamond Leader by participating in Student Leadership Challenge programs throughout the year and earning Leadership Diamond Points.

Our LeaderShape program is an intense, energizing, and unique six-day experience that involves self-discovery and learning from practical experiences that build leadership capacities.

To learn more about each of the four university-wide leadership initiatives, please visit

Below is a listing of upcoming events hosted by the Office of Leadership Development. For a complete event listing, visit the department calendar All events are free unless otherwise noted. If you would like to unsubscribe from this listserv, please visit to manage your email subscription.

Student Alumni Networking Night

Tuesday, February 18th at 5pm in Mitten Hall Great Court

5pm - Registration

5:30pm - Career Center Workshop on Networking

6:30pm - Student and Alumni Networking Session

7:30pm - Prizes awarded and Raffles selected

Current Temple students are invited to mix and mingle with Temple Alumni from all careers and fields. The night will be filled with opportunities for students to improve their networking skills, while also preparing for today's highly competitive job market. In addition, each alumni mentor will nominate one student for the Louis A. Valletta Memorial Networking Award. The nominated student will have displayed the best mastery of the networking skills that were evaluated and emphasized throughout the night.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Network with Temple University Alumni
  • Learn how to make an impact in the workforce
  • Walk away with strategies and tools to demonstrate the newly learned communication skills that were put into practice throughout the evening

Macy*s gift certificates will be awarded to the top recipients in order to purchase professional clothing and accessories.

  • Winner: $500
  • 5 runners-up: $300, $250, $200, $150, $100

Visit to register. This event is open to all Temple University students. The event is co-sponsored by the Office of Leadership Development, the Office of Student Activities, University Career Center, Temple University Young Alumni, Temple University Black Alumni Alliance, the Hoot Squad (Temple's Student Alumni Association) and a select group of registered student organizations.

This event is worth 10 Leadership Diamond points

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Spring 2014 Career Week

February 13th to February 20th

Career week is in full swing! The career center is offering a series of events designed to clarify the job search process and kickstart students' career preparations. Event's range from resume editing, to a job fair, giving students the chance to meet and network with potential employers.

Click here for more details on all the events!

Leadershape Institute Info Sessions

First Session: Tuesday, February 25th from 6-7pm in The Underground

Second Session: Wednesday, February 26th from 12-1pm in the Student Center Room 220

Third Session: Thursday, February 27th from 4-5pm in the Student Center Room 223

The LeaderShape information sessions provide students with the opportunity to learn all about The LeaderShape Institute and the benefits of participating in a dynamic program. This experience is an intensive, energizing, and unique six-day experience that involves self-discovery and learning from practical experiences that build leadership capabilities. Through this opportunity, Temple students will be able to truly see that leadership is a process- one that LeaderShape defines as commitment to leading with integrity that results in extraordinary change by living in a state of possibility.

What is LeaderShape?

Emerging Leaders Seminar

Section #4 of the Emerging Leaders Seminar will take place on three consecutive Thursdays, March 13th, 20th and 27th. The foundational leadership seminar provides students the opportunity to explore the Five Principles of Leadership discussed in Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Challenge (2007). Students will spend the sessions

identifying these principles by looking at current leaders in today’s global environment and reflecting on effective leadership of the past and present. This program is designed as an introduction to leadership for students to enhance their leadership skills.

The series is worth 25 Leadership Diamond Points and you can register here

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A Day in the Life of a Diamond Leader- Ashanti Littlejohn

  1. What has been your motivation for getting involved in the Diamond Leader program? How long have you been a Diamond Leader? My motivation for getting involved in the Diamond Leader Program came from my resident assistant Kristine Nwosu and from me personally wanting to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I never knew I had what it takes to be a leader until I finally started listening to Kristine. I was accepted in April of 2013, and inducted in May of 2013. I have been an active Diamond Leader since joining the program.
  2. How has the experience impacted you? The experience of being a Diamond Leader has really boosted my self confidence and given me the opportunity to connect with a lot of students with many different skills. This opportunity has really given me the chance to meet amazing people who you can just feel that they are going somewhere very successful in their future.
  3. What has been your fondest memory? My fondest memory I always say is LeaderShape because of the connections made, but I'm going to switch it up. My fondest memory would have to be my interview to become a Diamond Leader. I wasn't aware of it then, but I am aware now that that moment was the moment that I really started to take charge of my life and get active in Temple's community. It was at that moment that the leader that I didn't know existed in me, started to fight for its way out.
  4. What is the best part of being a Diamond Leader? The best part about being a Diamond Leader is just seeing the ideas you have in mind start to come to life and with the help of other Diamond Leaders, it just becomes something better than what you expected.
  5. Do you have any tips/advice for any future Diamond Leaders? My advice for future Diamond Leaders is that this program is not just an organization. It is its own little community. Get to know your Diamond Leader peers and you'll be surprised at the resources they have and the resources you have to create something amazing. You were picked to be a Diamond Leader because you not only were a good leader (Everyone willing to go through the Student Leadership Challenge is a good leader), but you had the patience, passion, commitment, and courage to be willing to be a Diamond Leader, and apply your leadership skills to bettering Temple's community.

****By the way, I'm a sophomore Biology major on the Pre-Med track and I'm always willing to listen and/or offer some words of advice.

STARS and Career Service Partnership Information

University Career Services events - obtain a slip from the presenter and drop it off at the Graduate Extern office in the Third Floor Village in the Student Center OR the next Office of Leadership Development event you attend (i.e. Emerging Leaders Seminar, Inclusive Leadership Conference, Leadership 101 workshop).

Student Activities - please sign in electronically at the end of the seminar and your name will be submitted to our office within two weeks of the event. STARS events are hosted by the Office of Student Activities. Students who are involved with both the Student Leadership Challenge and the STARS Initiative receive points/credit within both systems.

How to Check Your Leadership Diamond Points on Blackboard

· Log onto your Blackboard.

· Click on “TU Student Leadership Challenge”.

· Click on “Tools”.

· Click on “My Grades”.

· This will show you what events you have attended and how many points you have earned through this attendance. Remember, you need 50 Leadership Diamond Points to apply for the Diamond Leaders program.

· Please note: These points are for the Leadership Challenge only, you will not receive academic credit for your involvement in the program.