Foreshadowing in Walk Two Moons

by Katie Carson

Sharon Creech's novel Walk Two Moons is about a thirteen year old girl named Sal who is traveling with her grandparents across the country to get to her mother who waits in Lewiston, Idaho. Along the way Sal tells Phoebe's story about Phoebe's family, a lunatic, and mysterious letters.

Foreshadowing Gram's death

One foreshadowed event in this novel is Gram's (Sal's grandmother's) death. The first time Gram's death is shown is when Gram feels sick. After being bitten by a snake (Creech 95) she is taken to a hospital and multiple times is described as unwell. Later in the novel Sal and Gramps (her husband) worry about Gram. Sal thinks "...I listened to her rattly breathing Sharon Creech foreshadows by showing how Sal and Gramps take action to Grams death. This makes the reader think about what the effect the sickness has on Gram. It also makes the reader think about what she does to help Sal. Sharon Creech foreshadows Gram's importance to the reader.

Foreshadowing bus accident

Sharon Creech hinted Sal's mom's death in accident by using foreshadowing. The first time Sal shows signs of being afraid of bus accidents she listed her fears. Sal mentions being afraid of bus accidents (Creech 13) and this hints she knows and loves someone who was hurt in an accident. This is because after her mothers bus accident she know becomes afraid of it happening again. Throughout the novel there are hints about Sal's fear and her mom's fate. "Every time I saw a bus I watched it sway. I watched it's tires spin dangerously close to the gravel at the roads edge." (Creech 227) this is evidence that Sal's mom died in a bus accident, developing her fear. By uncovering these clues Sharon Creech foreshadows he death in a bus accident. Sal has this fear of bus accidents because her mom was in one. Through foreshadowing Sharon Creech informs the reader and makes them think.