Women In Space

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Women In Space

In 1983, Sally Ride took her first ride into space on the space shuttler "The Challenger". It made women want to go to space. Sally Ride inspired other women to go to space such as: Mary Whitney, Antonia Maury, Maria Mitchell, Sarah Frances Whiting and Henrietta Swan Leavitt

Sally Ride

Sally ride was born on May 26,1951.Sally Ride joined the National Aeronautics and Space Administrations (NASA) astronaut corps in 1978. She took a flight up into space in 1983 riding the space shuttle "The Challenger". Sally Ride died on July 23,2012

Why were they involved in this event?

They were involved because Sally Ride influenced other women to fly into space.

Why was the event important to them?

This event was important to them because they get to go into space.

How has the event affected women?

This event effected women because it made more women want to fly into space.

How would the world be different if the event hadn't happened?

There wouldn't be as many women astonauts going into space today

How has the event effected Me?

This event didn't effect me

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