She is for sale for $3,300 but i bet we can get the women to lower the cost a little bit and help find someone to trailer her. Even if its the thompsans since they have a trailer


She is saddle size 17 and girth size 50 which is what lindsey we can put extra money aside to buy a new one down the road.

She comes with a halter and lindsey has plenty extra lead lines.

she also has like 5 bridles


As it is currently to cold to was her i don't have to worry about that but when we do all that stuff is really cheap at dover and lindsey has some.


Lindseys mom has hay but i will do what i can to pitch in with money for it.

The grain is decently cheap at dover and with one horse it should last a little while


Will work as much off as possible and pay as much as i can


Vet- not a major necessity only really needed for checkups and vaccinations so only once a year. There is one in deerfield and everyone LOVES it he isn't expensive at all and is cheap for horse vets

Farrier: Casey can come to lindseys and its only $140 for all four which is really cheap.


I looked up info on the program and they can help a lot and not just with the food but with money for tack and stuff

Actual costs:


Farrier: once every 8 or so weeks which is around $120-140 and they come to the barn also can try to find a cheaper one also and maybe eventually get her off shoes.

Food: a bag of her grain is about $15 and it should last all month

tack: use lindseys until i get my own saddle one of the cheep one downstairs at dover