Peter the Great

The Brief History of a Man who Changed Russia

Peter the Great's Early Life

Born on June 9, 1692, Peter the Great had taken the throne at the age of 10. Although he was king at a very young age, that doesn't mean that he took control of their military. Although he wasn't educated, he was a very curious child. Because of that, he began to plan an expedition to the West. When Peter the Great was still young, he noted down the manners of his people. Unlike most kings, he actually found Parliament to be useful and interesting. Like he said, "It is good to hear subjects speaking truthfully and openly to their king."

Peter the Great and his Benefits

Peter the Great did much for his people, such as:

  • Focused on the development of science
  • Modernized the Russian Alphabet
  • Introduced the Julian Calendar
  • Wanted to strengthen the Military and even expand Russian borders
  • Westernized Russia in a way
  • Created a strong Navy, and westernized his army
  • Administered better control over the Orthodox Church
  • Secularized schools

"I have conquered an empire, but I have not been able to conquer myself"