Cannon Elementary Learning Commons

January 2016

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Simplify 2016 with MackinVIA Groups!

QR codes are so 1999! ;)

Need your scholars to have direct access to e-resources quickly? Then say hello to MackinVIA Groups! If you're starting a new curriculum unit soon, let Mrs. Berumen help curate a personalized MackinVIA Group folder for your scholars! MackinVIA Groups can hold ALL of the digital content you want your scholars to have access to in a single folder they can access 24/7!

Types of Digital Content


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Our Texas 2x2 Reading List Tournament will be resuming this week! E-mail Mrs. Berumen to schedule your scholars next round of 2x2 Books!

Books to Date

It's an Orange Aardvark

My Teacher is a Monster

Early Bird

Flight School

Besos for Baby

Meet the Parents

3rd-5th Texas Bluebonnet Voting: Wednesday, January 27th

We're down to 3 weeks left before our campus Texas Bluebonnet Voting Day! Scholars in grades 3-5 were challenged to "Read 5 and Then Decide" on their favorite from the 2015 TBA List!

Need a specific title to share with your scholars? E-Mail Mrs. Berumen with your title request.

Looking for the e-books of our TBA Nominees? Open MackinVia > Groups > 2015 Texas Bluebonnet Books for our selection.

Don't forget to check out for more information about the TBA!

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World Read Aloud Day 2016

Every year World Read Aloud Day calls global attention to the importance of reading aloud and sharing stories! Look for an upcoming Smore to learn more about how you can help spread the love of sharing stories with your scholars!
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