My test week

This week was tough week of with test.

On Sunday I did not test but I had to study for two tests of the other tests and Portuguese redeation.

but later I played video games.

It was a good day but studying is tiring.

I had test with Portuguese and redeation on monday

and on Tuesday I had test with history and English it was a very good day.

On Wednesday I had sciences and Spanish test after test I played football with my friends and and later I went to cultura inglesa.

On Thursday I had tests with geography and philosophy at afternoon

i study for Maths and Art because I was testing the other day.

Thursday was a very good day but tiring.

On Friday I had football after the test

late with the Friday was very good I played the game that I like and I saw a lot of tv.

Friday was the best day of the week.

On Saturday I had no test then took the day to play on the computer and go out at night with my family, it was a very good day.