People in Science

Fun Facts on 4 amazing scientists

Jon Bohmer

This is a picture of Jon Bohmer, He was born in Norway. He is not the first person to invent a solar power oven. I only costs 5 dollars to make. It can cook food and biol water. His invention is called the Kyoto's box. He started his first company when he was 19 years old and his goal was to make computers simpler. He has been married for 21 years and has 3 kids. He now live's near the Equator.
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Dijanna Figueroa

She spends most of her time in a lab, she has spent 12 hours in a lab. she studies animals that live in extreme environment and to get kids interested in science. . She appeared in an Imax movie called "Alliens in the Deep". She wanted to be a marine bioligist since she was young.
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Mitchell W. Pryor

Mitchell W. Pryor is a robotics engineer, he works at a college program were you can make and play with robots. he invents new ways to biuld and test robots. Robots do not have faces and talk, they look more like medal parts welded together. Robots can weld, paint, and assemble parts. He says that robots are used because they dont get injured easly, they can work for long time periods, and dont have to be payed.
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Agnes Riley

She was from Budapest, Hungary. She is self taught at fixing computers and loves to do it. She moved to New York in 1999, then became a leagle computer technitain. She used to be more interested in books than technology.
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